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Saving herself.



She counted the jars, waiting for the water to boil. Hoping she had enough of them, as she plunged the glass containers in the steamy pot, one by one. She had a lot to take care of. Canning her dreams, canning her hopes, canning her love… Before it went bad.

So many Spring memories, and Summer thoughts… So many Winter warm moments by the fire to seal, and store some place safe. Readying herself for the wait, the long wait for someone to share them with…

Homemade happiness, ready to serve, just waiting for the perfect guess…

Waiting for Him.


9 thoughts on “Saving herself.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Don’t you wish you could bottle the best of you, sometimes, to keep it for better days too?

      Nice of you to visit, I hope to see you around again soon 🙂 xx


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