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Flower Petals, Counting…



A Rose for your thoughts
red, and soft
given to you,
when our love blossomed, just

She loves me
she loves me, not
she loves, I love

Our whirlwind romance
not to explain
those around us, marveled
how little we knew

What did you see,
what did she know
did it matter about those before
did it matter that she hesitated, when

She loves, she gives
she wants, she yearns

Flowers and late night talks
candlelit suppers
dancing until the band
was not more, the lights dimmed
the passions arose,

Questions, deserve answers
and answers to things
not thought about
worried about
not wanting to know about

She loves me, without asking
she loves me without reservation

Nights and days
lost without counting
our time together seemed
at an end, to be

I held her
as if not to let go
the fury, the flower petals
dropping on the floor
the passions flaring
wounding, hurting

It went too fast,
you see, don’t you?
we knew not enough
or too much it seems

She loved me, then
she loves me not……


3 thoughts on “Flower Petals, Counting…

  1. Beautiful cyranny !!
    I miss reading your posts and enjoying every word of them..
    Now that i have read them again. I remember how awesome they are !! * Not that i forgot*
    Too much love ! XO


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