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She went through the album slowly, letting the tip of her fingers go from one picture to the next, as if she could make a braille reading of their past together.

The first time we met…

She murmured as she stared at his ever disarming smile. She didn’t believe in love at first sight back then. But she had to admit that he had won her way before they had even started talking.

Our weekend in the Alps…

She could remember every detail just by looking at the different photos. And even if she could, she wouldn’t have changed a minute of their time shared together. Even their fights had ended in bringing them closer to each other.

The surprise party after the signing of my first exhibition…

She sighed, cligning at each image a little longer, knowing she was reaching the last pages of the book of their story. She was about to close it when his arms sneaked around her waist, tightening and pulling her closer to his chest, on the sofa.

Look at you, silly goose… Getting all emotional, just looking at these old pictures…

He brushed her hair aside, and kissed the nap of her neck, tenderly.

Come over here, sweetheart, and let’s prepare brand new memories, for you to swoon about later!

She smiled as she put the album back on the coffee table…




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