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I Awoke, Whispering…



I awoke
from a dream,
still dreaming a bit
while shaking the hand
of the night’s temptation
smiling and satisfied,
having accomplished the goal
of what I had wanted to attain
while still in the arms of her passion
not wanting to let me go, never wanting
it to end, she whispered something
possessing soft edges, and warm intentions
moving closer to hear the message, I looked up
noticing the light of the sun pouring into the room
chasing my dreams into their corners
wiping away all vestiges
the tarnished edges
of dreams, unfulfilled
the message, the words
telling me of why
the waiting would
continue, the truth
of finding out what
was said,

I awoke with a thought
of being near to the truth
of dreams, and their secrets

A voice in my head
whispered softly
sounding not unlike someone
who shared my dreams, once

someone who used to awaken
next to me, whispering

someone, now existing only
in my dreams…





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