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After Eight Moments…



Tomorrow, I’m going to hunt for Smurfs…       Me.


Yes, it could have been Gargamel, but it’s just from me)



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Remember my origami flowers, just 3 days ago? Well, I took a day off blogging thursday, and then yesterday I was back in the Cove, but off from work, and today, when I went to the spot where they were growing, I was shocked!


They’re gone!

They were at the place where you see nothing but cedar wood chips. Ok, and my silhouette… But… But… But….

For a moment I even doubted that was where I took the pictures! I am not that tired… I know where the dang pretty things were…. Why take them out like that?? Why bother??

I am suspecting green aliens that have been reading my posts… I heard there’s a mysterious spot, in Oklahoma, they consider their “on Earth Head Quarter”. I should look into that.

Maybe that was just one of life’s reminder that Little things are beautiful, but Little things don’t last….



2 thoughts on “After Eight Moments…

    1. Thank you, Jessica 🙂

      I was quite disappointed to see that the people in charge of my job’s landscaping pulled all the delicate vines… At least, I had a chance to immortalize them just in time 🙂

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