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So young and pretty…

Watching the news is always an excellent source of “Say whut?” for me.

I think the people writing the news, especially on those 24/7 news specialized channels, just expect us to listen and nod in agreement, not really thinking about what’s being said.

Take that terrible car accident that happened the other night. Horrible crash, no one’s fault… One of the cars had a mechanic failure of some sort, changed lanes, hit car #2. There was a lot of tumbling, car parts flying around… Four people died. And when the news people visit one the victims’ friends, and hand her the mic, all she ends ups saying is..

She was so young and pretty, life is soooo unfair… 

and the presentator nods, “yes, such a pity. So young and pretty…” as if that made a difference. Because if it had been an old, ugly man, people would have said “meh… Life is life, no big loss” ?? I don’t really blame the friend. It is a sad, stressful time for her. But television jumps on “details” like that just to make things more dramatic (??).

Same thing, when a major drama hits somewhere in the world. Many people get slaughtered, one way or another, and the first thing journalists seem to be doing is looking for the one Canadian in the crowd.

No? No Canadian? Really? There must be one Canadian in there to make things worse!! No? How about someone who once lived here? No? Visited lately, perhaps? Ugh! Find me a Nickleback fan, we have to go live in a minute!!

Over three hundred Chinese people died when the building collapsed, but that doesn’t count if ONE Canadian happened to be in there, to take a pee.


That’s a little bit like talent shows. I really don’t know why they keep calling them that. If people were honest, they’d call them “harsh childhood shows” or “tough life shows”… Contestants seem to be competing about who had it the worst, and still managed to sing or dance!

I don’t have any talent for either, but if I did, I probably wouldn’t even care going to auditions. I’d be afraid to get frowned upon. With my nice childhood, and somewhat quiet life, not having fought terrible diseases, or having been in part of the army… I’d be no match.

This little girl is blind, defeated cancer twice, was raised by baboons after her late parents died in the jungle trying to find plants to use to cure a terrible illness, and still sings like an angel… Do you really think you can top that???

No. I am one of those boring people who wouldn’t bring anything to tv people. Thank God I don’t want to be on tv!

And if I ever change my mind, I can always go abroad to die…


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