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Dang Internets!



This post was supposed to be entittled Quit your day job, please! up until 10 minutes ago. Now, I am disappointed.

Earlier, I found this ad, and I burst into laughter. I just kept thinking “about time you’d pee on that stick, girl!” I laughed and laughed… And giggled and snorted a bit. and I decided to share it with you, Lovelies.

But (there’s always a but), I had a doubt. It came from The Internets, and I don’t trust The Internets. It seemed like something someone could have made up. I didn’t want to joke to be on me.

I did a bit of research, and I got even more disappointed.

According to the information I found, this is a real ad. For a real product. And the absurdity of the scene was intended. The message behind all this was “our pregnancy test is so reliable, that you’ll trust it more than your eight months belly”.






12 thoughts on “Dang Internets!

    1. LOL I’ll remember that! If ever in doubt, I’ll send you a picture of my belly, so you can call me fat or announce me the good news. Saving $$ is always welcome!! Mouahahahaha


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