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Pinot Noir…



She looked at the barman, as he brought the bottle to her and poured her a glass.

– Excellent choice Madam, if I may say.

“Oh, you may”, she thought, but she just slightly nodded. She watched the dark red liquid filling the elegant glass, and picked it up the counter. She was giving the old cuvee a soft swirl when he adressed her again…

-Are you waiting for someone?

Her dark gaze went from the wine to the curious man, and back to her drink. After a brief pause, she shook her head, making her black curls bounce on her bare shoulders. Of course she was waiting, but she already knew He wouldn’t show up. He also knew, but was far too polite, and interested in her generous tip to mention it.

She brought the glass to her mouth, and let a long sip through her crimson lips. He would have mocked her. His loud laughter would have kindly disapproved with her drinking, but He wasn’t there to stop her, was He?

A man approached the bar stool next to hers, but the barman gave him a look that said it all. No one was to sit next to her… Almost nobody. Almost…

She sipped in silence, appreciating the warm feeling of the alcohol and the complex aftertaste in her mouth. She drank, steady and slow, not bothering to look around… She heard the whispers at the nearest tables. She was used to them,  she knew her presence was a bit awkward in the somber bar, with her fancy dressing and taste for fine wine instead of the local beers and strong liquors her neighbour bar pillars prefered.

She drank her glass, and then a second.

Reaching to her purse, she pulled a couple of bills, rounding up the price generously to thank the barman’s discreet ways, and pushed them over on the wooden bar.

-I might not be back tomorrow, Matthew…

He looked at her, almost affectionately. He reached out his hand, laying it upon hers as tenderly as his position allowed him to, and he smiled.

-Maybe you should come, Madam… Maybe you just should…

She got up and returned his smile. Maybe she would… Who was she kidding? Of course she’d come and wait, until He would find His way back to their hideout…




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