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The bookstore…



The bookstore was very quiet when she came through the door. Too quiet, she thought, and she suddenly regretted coming. Not that she had double thoughts about seeing him again, but the situation was far from what she had imagined first…

She knew he worked, she had seen him coming out for a cigarette break, earlier. It sounded as if she had been stalking around, when she listened to herself, and in a way she had. Sitting at the Café across the street, she had taken her time before finally walking to the door.

She was a bit crazy sometimes, but it was something he liked about her.  She was spontaneous, definately a go-getter, and didn’t quite know when to quit. It had served her well… Sometimes. Oh, yeah, she had had a few deceptions in life, but when she had something in mind, she couldn’t settle with not trying. She had to try.

She pretended to look at children books while she prepared to walk closer to the back of the store. She was about to give it a go when she heard his voice, loud and clear. A chill ran down her spine, almost persuading her to simply leave. It was still possible… To leave without a trace, to go unseen and unknown.

After a couple deep breaths, she reminded herself of the reasons she had come this far, and it gave her courage to confront her fears…  The fear of being rejected, the fear of being ridiculed. It was a risk she was ready to take.

They hadn’t met in five years. Five long years, trying to forget his cheesy jokes, and his communicative laughter. Five years far from his piercing gaze, that look that could read her like a book, even when she didn’t want him to. She wondered if his embrace would still be as comforting, if the feeling of his finger tips brushing down her back would still make her feel like a teenager…

She didn’t dare wish he would welcome her with open arms. A smile would be far enough to content her after all the time spent apart from him.

It wasn’t a fight that had drawn them apart… More of a misunderstanding followed by a stubborn silence duel. They had both won, and lost in the end. She hoped he felt the same, but since they had a habit of thinking alike, she was pretty optimistic.

Step by step, she approached the origin of his voice. Still hidden behind the book shelves, she caught a glance of his tall silhouette.

Gawd, he’s so handsome…

Still. She wondered why she had waited so long. It didn’t matter anymore, she was back, he was there, just meters away from her.

She turned into the aisle, and breathed deeply.


She waited, while he turned her way, almost in slow motion…



To be continued…






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