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Funny Ts at Nesie’s Place…

Ever been to Nesie’s Place? Not yet? Well, you definately should take a minute and pay Felicia a visit… I know it is not Wednesday anymore, but this just made me laugh so much, I had to share it!

I am a big fan of this kind of t-shirts, and if I was more of a shopper, my drawers would be filled with them. I think whoever invented those funny Ts should receive a Nobel Award, and a life long supply of his/her favorite Haagen Dazs & chips’ flavors!!

I wish I could tell you which t-shirt I prefered, but I would take them all!!  LOL


Smile…and let your t-shirt do the talking! 😀 😉 (Click images for larger sizes and scroll through.)

via Wacky Wednesday! — Nesie’s Place