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Random memory…

  I miss Denmark this morning…  Ok, I often do, and when it happens, it is just random souvenirs that pop to my mind, that make me sigh, and wish I could just jump in some teleporter machine that would just, well yeah, teleport me in Vikingland in a flash. Today I was thinking about…… Continue reading Random memory…

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Me and my stamps…

  Technology is great. Without advancing technology, The Internets wouldn’t exist, and I wouldn’t be here, talking about this. What? you might wonder… I’m getting there. So yeah, a thumb up for technology in general, but it has its down sides too. One of them being the systematic digitalization (is that even a word??) of…… Continue reading Me and my stamps…

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Saving Challenge – Via Giggles & Tales

I am not a New Year resolution maker. Well, that’s not entirely true… Each year, I am tempted to sit down, at the turn of year, and settle ways to better myself on some level. The last couple of years I made a bucket list, writing dreams I was wishing for myself. I must say,…… Continue reading Saving Challenge – Via Giggles & Tales

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Kalaallit Nunaat, please!

  That would be Greenland, in Greenlandic. Oh no! She’s going to whine about Greenland again…” You bet, I will! Christmas is coming, and I still have this silly dream of seeing Greenland’s flag in The Cove, and what better gift could I get for the Holidays? The world’s largest island is still playing hard…… Continue reading Kalaallit Nunaat, please!

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Cyranny’s Jukebox

  When you tell someone you dream about Italy, Greece or Australia, people here usually nod in agreement, and understand. When your heart belongs in Denmark, things are different. For some reason, I have to explain why. What’s so special about Denmark anyway? And I am always a little confused when I have to give…… Continue reading Cyranny’s Jukebox