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After Eight Moments…

Every comforting word, like a new white blossom… Cutting on the dark canevas of her nights. Chasing the demons from her head. Then fading away, just like everything does. Moi.       If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here.

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Lucky Friday…

I am a bit crazy on the side… But I like to think it is a sweet side of me. I enjoy sharing in unusual ways, and I had an idea. Now, I don’t know how it could be illegal in anyway. I think I can give my money to whoever I choose, but if…… Continue reading Lucky Friday…

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Good news!

    Today has been a long and rough day. But it is almost over now, and although my mood is not off the charts for personal reasons, I do have some pretty fantastic news to share! A part of me is saying “noooo  shut up, stupid, you’ll jinx yourself, and it won’t work if…… Continue reading Good news!

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The Turtle’s Journey… A come back!

It has been a while, but my memories are still crystal clear…. So, here’s a new chapter of my first trip to Denmark! Lots of new pictures, and a little more about my traveling around Vikingland 🙂   I hope you’ll enjoy!