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Why do you love me?

Vohne kept stacking the logs for the upcoming winter’s cold weather. The words had come out of his lips, but he knew it was her who wanted to talk about it. She had this way of invading his thoughts and she loved snuggling in his head, in between two warm memories… Cibel sat close by,…… Continue reading Why do you love me?

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First night together…

  Vohne lay beside her, in silence… Watching Cibel’s curves licked by the dim candle light, he hesitated. Why do you keep your distance, Love?  She rolled over, offering herself, her pale skin contrasting on the black silky linen. “Poor wounded dove” he thought to himself. As if she was reading his very mind, she…… Continue reading First night together…

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When I Saw Red – Notthedane56

  Was it when I saw her with someone else, not me Was it that dress, she wore the one when she danced it made me crazy with desire it did, Was it the sunrise, the sunset watching it, oohing and aahing holding hands, each other close closer, Was it the roses I lay upon…… Continue reading When I Saw Red – Notthedane56

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Traveling Memories – Lost

  I woke up brutally to his yelling from the bathroom. “Someone broke in during the night!” he screamed, his hands flapping in the air, as if he was trying to express his distress with semaphore. Who still knows semaphore anyway, I meant to ask him, but I didn’t think that would be of any…… Continue reading Traveling Memories – Lost

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An angel down…

Most would think I was taken by surprised… But I let down my guard just so you could stalk me in the darkest of your thoughts. I closed my eyes, tilted my head and offered myself to your raging lust for fresh flesh. I might have lost a few feathers, your brutal desire tearing innocence…… Continue reading An angel down…