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Mum! I haz a snake stuck to my butts!!

Having a persian cat is not a low maintenance business. If you don’t like grooming, you should forget the fluffy furballs! They are cute, but they require the daily share of brushing and combing, no matter what kitty thinks about it. Miss Freja hasn’t finished her Valkyrie training, but she hasn’t given up just yet.…… Continue reading Mum! I haz a snake stuck to my butts!!

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She might not lay golden eggs, but…

via Daily Prompt: Pursue   I was thinking about today’s Daily Prompt theme, and I wondered what it was, that I pursued… I think we all pursue happiness, that’s a pretty unanimous yes. But what more am I working to achieve? Well, there is one thing. See, I’ve been “not rich” for many years now.…… Continue reading She might not lay golden eggs, but…

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Go garden! – Meet Monsieur Basilic!

Everybody’s still growing tall and getting ready to get their own pot… And we welcomed a new player in the garden family today! Monsieur Basilic. I buy a basil plant every Spring, and today was B day! When I got home, Miss Freja had to inspect the newcomer;   Apparently, the ghost in the corner…… Continue reading Go garden! – Meet Monsieur Basilic!

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Not Simon’s…

  Good evening Lovelies, If you have a (or many) cat(s), and sometimes get lost in the abyss of YouTube, you already know Simon’s Cat. If you have a cat and don’t know about Simon’s Cat, you have to watch Simon’s Cat! If you don’t have a cat and/or are not a cat person, and/or…… Continue reading Not Simon’s…

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Shaving my pussy… Update

  Recognize the joyful gaze (to say the least)?  Yes, miss Freja is still enjoying her ratlike figure.  Ok, she’s not really happy about it, especially when we play hide & seek. I am not sure, but I think it just insults her when I giggle at her trying to look impressive. (you know that…… Continue reading Shaving my pussy… Update

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TGIF!… Not.

  Today, most people are in TGIF mode.     Except people who don’t work. Except people off work, and who are on vacation. Except people like me. Because today is the first day of my week… This week. Yeah, I just had 6 day off work, and will now work 6 days straight. And…… Continue reading TGIF!… Not.

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Rain Frog… (I need your help!)

This will be quick. (yeah, right!) I was just doing the usual surfing from A to S, to C, to Z on the Internets, when I found a video on YouTube. It is a rain frog doing, well… I guess the sound rain frogs make! I don’t know if it is in pain, if it…… Continue reading Rain Frog… (I need your help!)