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Farewell Loca….

Loca the Pug has passed away. Who the dang is Loca, anyway? – Some of you are probably thinking… Well Loca was a star on The Internets. She was a little pug that had a disability that made it impossible for her to run normally. At first her owners just mocked her lovingly, and after…… Continue reading Farewell Loca….

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Life crumbs…

  Chéri, showing me his tablet, obviously excited;  “Look, now I can use a vacuum cleaner to find new clues in Criminal Case!” (Facebook game). Me;  … Me, thinking; (We have a vacuum cleaner too, you know?)   I wonder if I should hide clues in the apartment?

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Picture Battle – OM vs Cyra (The Kit Kat incident)

  I thought I was cured. I honestly thought so… After the bi-weekly counseling, the group meetings, the pills and the half dozen rubber bands on my wrist, I thought I was getting free from it. Free from him… OM. I had tried my best not to visit his blog too often, and more specifically…… Continue reading Picture Battle – OM vs Cyra (The Kit Kat incident)

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All is fair – Notthedane56

  He stomped on my foot “OW!” I cried, while he just laughed So, I grabbed his nose, and twisted it! “Are you mad?” he yelled but kept his balance He grabbed my blouse with his teeth “Gotcha!” he retorted I kicked him where he lived Yes! Right there! “Hey you!” “That is not fair!”…… Continue reading All is fair – Notthedane56

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Cadavre exquis, anyone?

Anyone wants to play with me? I was brainstorming about what to do in The Cove today. I wanted to do something new, something special, and something that would be somewhat interactive… And I had this idea, that might not work, but hey! Won’t work anyway if I don’t try first, right?? So, you might…… Continue reading Cadavre exquis, anyone?

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And The Bag Lady said…

I challenge you… Challenge me? Well, of course I’ll accept the challenge, I thought! I always enjoy a little dare! So here’s what she wanted me to do, since I had Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” song in my head because of our on going chat. At work, I presume. Shall I dare you to watch the…… Continue reading And The Bag Lady said…

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Controversy at the White House…

I already talked about the new (well not so new anymore, but still as entertaining) American comedy show, Controversy at the White House. Some people have tried to make me believe that this is actually news, I am watching on tv, but I am not that naive! I’ve been fooled in the past, and now,…… Continue reading Controversy at the White House…