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It’s time to vote!

  No, I wasn’t joking with this Flag Contest. I am aware that I say a lot of silly things, and do a lot of goofy stuff in The Cove. I might even have lost all eventual credibility as a serious writer in the future, because of that. But blogging is about having fun (unless…… Continue reading It’s time to vote!

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Flash News! We’re a hoax too!

Dear Lovelies… I think The Internets are trying to change the world we used to know. I am not sure yet… I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but this is getting weirder and weirder. First, this past Monday, I learned that Australia didn’t exist. I mean, if the World Wide Web told me that…… Continue reading Flash News! We’re a hoax too!

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Last call!

  Ok… The clock is ticking, Lovelies! A little more than 48h to submit your idea of a flag. That’s not much time to design a banner to represent all of us who, from time to time, feel like they’re missing a screw or two (or ten) and feel good about it! I’ll be accepting…… Continue reading Last call!

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Oh no you didn’t… #1MinFiction

  Her head still pounded, but the hangover was the least of her worries… -HONEYYYYYY! You are aware I was joking, when I said you should put that sexy picture of me on your blog, right??? -But sweetheart, you’re a genius! Look at my stats – handing his tablet to her – Thanks to you, it’s a total…… Continue reading Oh no you didn’t… #1MinFiction

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Design our Freak-Team flag contest! – Updates

You can view the original post and comments here.     Yes, I am organizing a real contest! And yes, there will be a prize! Will it be fun? Well, that’s mostly up to you Lovelies! Because as much as I will encourage you to participate, I can’t do the work all by myself. So, what’s…… Continue reading Design our Freak-Team flag contest! – Updates

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Here’s WordPress’ most confusing reblog!

Ok, where did this start anyway?? Trina posted her weekly invitation to mingle on her blog, and I reblogged her, then (if my memory’s good, which it isn’t) Suze reblogged me, and Biff reblogged Suze, who reblogged him back, and now I am reblogging Suze! Feel free to reblog this if you want to, too!…… Continue reading Here’s WordPress’ most confusing reblog!

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Crazy brains… just not mine!

I have a weird working brain, but at least it is working (most of the time… at least to keep my heart pumping and my lungs running their CO2 business). I know I am not the only one… lots of people don’t use their brains according to the manual. I strongly believe that us people…… Continue reading Crazy brains… just not mine!