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Well, thank you for wiggling!

I just finished dancing, chéri and Freja are slowly regaining counsciousness after my loud come back home. I got a few minutes late on schedule, and rushed to the house to be able to jiggle my butt indoor (I didn’t want to risk being arrested by a confused policeman on the sidewalk). The thing is, I…… Continue reading Well, thank you for wiggling!

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Cyra’s 1st Danceathon…

Ok… I wish I had thought about this earlier this morning, or this week! Today is the beginning of my much longed for vacation, and I’ll be free from boo-job at 3h15 pm. Meaning out of the building at 3h30. Now, I was just listening to happy music on The Internets, to find which tune…… Continue reading Cyra’s 1st Danceathon…

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Shoot, I can’t read The Bag Lady anymore…

Her thoughts, that is. She jumped in and followed Madame Suze and Colin the Giant in their quest to keep their mind for their very own!! Dang!! It doesn’t really matter… There still are a lot of beautiful minds to squat, on WordPress! Unless all of you start wearing tin foil, and we start the…… Continue reading Shoot, I can’t read The Bag Lady anymore…

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White moose anyone?

I like it when the breaking news of the day are news that aren’t such big news… To me, it means that nothing awefully threathening is going on in the world. No “I’ll blow your country to smithereens!” tweet out overnight, no tropical storm hitting the coast or major earthquake followed by a tsunami. Today,…… Continue reading White moose anyone?

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I have super powers, it seems. Well, I might be exagerating a bit here. I have a super power, according to some people; I can collect their wandering thoughts, and it has been brought to my attention a number of times. It comes as no surprise, because I hung out with my own Professor Xavier, and he…… Continue reading Beware!