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  I am getting everything ready, because (dang, yeah!!!!) tomorrow, I’m finally boarding a purple plane and getting shipped to Denmark! Yay! I wasn’t planin to post anything today, but… My little bro asked for my help, and that’s something I can’t refuse. His boyfriend’s 40th birthday is coming in March, and he wants to…… Continue reading Postcards…

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The people have spoken…

  I like to give you Lovelies your share of power in the Cove! And some of you seemed disappointed with the lack of proper ending with my last story, And then. It was part of the point. But I don’t take comments lightly, and I decided that I might as well continue the story.…… Continue reading The people have spoken…

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World(press) Amazing race – Update for #TeamMonkey; Meet Moe!! Come and get up to date with the participation of the wonderful, the sweet and the unique Bag Lady  and her new friend, Moe the Monkey!!  Sorry for the little delay, I have been caught up in this thing others call “real life” 😉  

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Shaving my pussy… Update

  Recognize the joyful gaze (to say the least)?  Yes, miss Freja is still enjoying her ratlike figure.  Ok, she’s not really happy about it, especially when we play hide & seek. I am not sure, but I think it just insults her when I giggle at her trying to look impressive. (you know that…… Continue reading Shaving my pussy… Update

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Meet Jack, from #TeamDonkey!

So the donkey was extremely excited to see Enid in all its glory this morning. He wouldn’t even allow me to finish breakfast before braying about it was time “to hit the road Jack!”. It took a good ten minutes of explanation before he realized Suze and Jack are not synonymous! I suppose donkeys are… via…… Continue reading Meet Jack, from #TeamDonkey!

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Tips about liking elsewhere…

Originally posted on Cyranny's cove:
Getting interested in another country is a lot of fun. Even if you don’t have the budget to fly over, or train by (I know, it doesn’t exist), you still can travel in your head. Some people shouldn’t try it though, because with liking a foreign country (even worst…

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Wold(press) Amazing race update…#TeamGiraffe

  Yes, you’ve guessed right!  #TeamGiraffe has found a leader!!!  And I am excited to say that Lydia from Being Lydia will be the leader of this new player in the game…   So we have two Critters left for the taking! If you want to join in, #TeamTeddy & #TeamPiggy are still available!  …… Continue reading Wold(press) Amazing race update…#TeamGiraffe