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A new love story…

I knew there was something going on. Mother Nature was a bit (being polite here) up and down the past few years, but this Winter, she went c.r.a.z.y! I believed she was off her pills at first, but it was worse than that. There is only one thing that could drive a woman insane like…… Continue reading A new love story…

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Oh Mads… *sigh*

*sigh* big time. Tonight was a girls’ night out at the movies. (well, actually girls’ afternoon out) I had a rendez vous with (Mads)  my neighbour/coworker/friend to go see Star Wars – Rogue One. I am a big Star Wars fan, since the beginning. Which is kind of funny, because, outside SW’s universe, Sci-Fi doesn’t…… Continue reading Oh Mads… *sigh*

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Inspiration race…

  I don’t like thinking “what if…?” and not trying… When I hit my first hundredth readers  (well, not “hit” them, more like “reached” that point, I really am not an agressive person, don’t worry) I remember thinking about the big 150, and quite frankly, it seemed totally out of reach. I kept doing my…… Continue reading Inspiration race…

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What do you want?

For a while now, I have had the blues. I’ve blamed coming back from a great time in DK for my ups and downs, but just pointing fingers doesn’t magically make things go right again, so I had to sit down with myself…. “What do you want?” I want a lot of things out of…… Continue reading What do you want?

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Yesterday night, our Sharp Aquos tv suddenly died. Be reassured, it didn’t suffer the least bit, it didn’t even blink, it just went from working perfectly to not working at all in the blink of an eye… When chéri came back from work, we attempted reanimation maneuvers, following the good words of other Sharp Aquos…… Continue reading Priorities

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MPDFF – Update

The committee of My Personal Danish Film Festival has met today to work on the programming. A new category of movies has been added, in order to give a little break to the non-Danish audience. Effectively, the second edition will present a selection of Danish films shot in English. The committee still working on Mr.…… Continue reading MPDFF – Update

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MPDFF, second edition…

The committee has met tonight. There was a lot of coffee drinking involved. Many questions have been brought to discuss… Of course, it will be a lot of organization. The expected attendance is not promising… But there was still an agreement. The second edition of Min Personlige Dansk Filmfestival is now official. The dates have…… Continue reading MPDFF, second edition…