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Freedom of speech…

Here, in Québec, freedom of speech is something very important. There has been debates and trials, trying to establish the limits one should respect while expressing him/herself. Basically, on the face of the law, we can say, sing, write a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g we wish. No matter what… What I find highly interesting with that, is that by…… Continue reading Freedom of speech…

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Why do you blog?

A lot of people don’t understand blogging. I couldn’t blame them, just a little short under two years ago, I didn’t know either. All I had heard about blogging was from professional bloggers that did movie reviews, or wrote about traveling or cooking. To me, blogging was a job, and I had never considered it…… Continue reading Why do you blog?

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White moose anyone?

I like it when the breaking news of the day are news that aren’t such big news… To me, it means that nothing awefully threathening is going on in the world. No “I’ll blow your country to smithereens!” tweet out overnight, no tropical storm hitting the coast or major earthquake followed by a tsunami. Today,…… Continue reading White moose anyone?

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I have super powers, it seems. Well, I might be exagerating a bit here. I have a super power, according to some people; I can collect their wandering thoughts, and it has been brought to my attention a number of times. It comes as no surprise, because I hung out with my own Professor Xavier, and he…… Continue reading Beware!