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I dare you.

That’s what she said! Who did that? you might ask… The Bag Lady, of course! To make a not so long, but possibly long if I tell it, story short… It was The Bag Lady’s grand son’s birthday, and he is a firefighter. And she ended her post wishing us a great week, and asking that we’d go…… Continue reading I dare you.

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Go garden!

I love gardening… I enjoy playing in the soil, and making things grow. And as my only alone day off this week, it was time to start my balcony garden today. It was a bit cloudy, but the temperature was nice, and Freja came out with me to play in the dirt… Well, not actually.…… Continue reading Go garden!

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Stubborn tulip…

Talk about flower attitude! Refusing to join the blooming team at all costs… Waiting for all the others to let their beauty fade before enjoying its moment of Spring glory. Just a stubborn tulip, caught on a mid-May afternoon break…

Blogging · funny · Me myself and I · Montreal · Thoughts


  Really, Cyranny? You said “twerk”?? Oh yeah! Because I just twerked against my will for fifteen minutes in the subway. I never would have thought metro rails could be so bumpy! Not a pretty sight, let me tell you that! I’d like to publicly appologize to all the other passengers, especially those who had…… Continue reading Twerk!