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Flash News! We’re a hoax too!

Dear Lovelies… I think The Internets are trying to change the world we used to know. I am not sure yet… I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but this is getting weirder and weirder. First, this past Monday, I learned that Australia didn’t exist. I mean, if the World Wide Web told me that…… Continue reading Flash News! We’re a hoax too!

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  “You are crazy…” His tone was more worried than blaming. He had been standing there for a while, watching over her from a couple of steps back. She was sitting on the lake’s shore, hiding under her large fur cloak. So very still and silent, she had been waiting there for hours already, waiting…… Continue reading Frazil…

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Oh my…. Again? Really?

  I didn’t mention weather yesterday… We had a comfortable (to say the least) 10 degrees Celcius, and rain…  But I believe Mother Nature is still thinking about burying us. Snow flurries are on again. We are expecting 25 cm. (yeah, almost 10 inches)   Update. Twelve hours have gone by, and the snow hasn’t…… Continue reading Oh my…. Again? Really?

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Good luck with that!

  Caught this on my way back home, a little after midnight. I’m pretty sure that’s just a snowbank in front of the white car, but who knows? #WinterFun   P.S. yes, I’ll give you a break with my snowy pictures… As soon as Mother Nature stops sending shitloads of it!

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After Eight Moments…

Fresh snow is like the skies, laid at our feet… With its million of stars, Mother Nature’s appology!       If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here.