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No more…

Via Today’s Daily Prompt: Expect   Worrying about what they expect All cautions thrown to the winds You say run wild, girl, spread your wings The world is your playground, fly wherever to… Storm building, the tide rising high Growling thunder announcing the coming Armageddon.

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Momentary Silence – Notthedane56

  When the day goes away somewhere to the west I guess, The sky still reflects the light, less bright fading, fading away My momentary silence when my mind stopped rotating stopped revolving around the sun today’s sun, The stars await in the wings while I attempt to gather my thoughts the day gone by,…… Continue reading Momentary Silence – Notthedane56

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Looking back…

Looking back all those years, all those years… Women come and gone, running around him, memories spinning… Women’s hands reaching from the past, reaching for his love, his undivided love… Playing capture the flag, only with his heart.