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Do you have a minute to waste… Or 20??

  Good evening Lovelies! This will be quick, because there’s not much to say about it, it is an experience…. If you’re a regular in the Cove, you know my love-hate relation with everything Google related! I love Googling my way around, BUT I rarely trust the information I find on the Internets (yes, yes,…… Continue reading Do you have a minute to waste… Or 20??

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My crazy brains…

Good evening Lovelies… I had another brain bubble this afternoon, and I thought I’d come and share it since there is no such thing as too much information (well actually yes, there is… read here). I know some of you crave unimportant informations, just like I do. And this subject, even if it looks as…… Continue reading My crazy brains…

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Cyranny’s Jukebox

  Happy Friday Lovelies! I have let the grey weather play with my mood a little too much for my likings lately, and I need to brighten things up. And something that has an instant effect on my mood is music, so why not put a few quarters in the Jukebox and wiggle our butts…… Continue reading Cyranny’s Jukebox

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This reblog may contain some “shitload” – Mrs Completely

I have weird obsessions…  Denmark (obvious), Mads (hey, I can’t control my hormones!!),  flags (gotta be a regular in the Cove to understand that one) and…  The word “shitload”! Thank you, whoever you are, who invented that great, giggle-maker word! Yeah, I like the word, it makes me laugh, and I use it as often…… Continue reading This reblog may contain some “shitload” – Mrs Completely

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Looking back on March… And April!

A little late, but I was busy… Meh, ok! I just lazied out a little bit, but they say “better late than never”, and I say that too! Especially when I am late, like I am, and let’s face it… we’re just losing time right now! Regulars in the Cove know what this is about,…… Continue reading Looking back on March… And April!

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Bad days…

  A beautiful April day. You know, one of those first days, when you can open the windows at last, letting fresh air in without freezing or making your electricity bill go through the roof? A true early Spring day, all sunny and bright. Birds chirping joyous bird songs about the warm days to come…… Continue reading Bad days…

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Not Simon’s…

  Good evening Lovelies, If you have a (or many) cat(s), and sometimes get lost in the abyss of YouTube, you already know Simon’s Cat. If you have a cat and don’t know about Simon’s Cat, you have to watch Simon’s Cat! If you don’t have a cat and/or are not a cat person, and/or…… Continue reading Not Simon’s…