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We Were Out Walking — My House at the Sea

Hello Lovelies! If you’ve been around The Cove for a while, you already know who Notthedane56 is. If not, here’s a perfect introduction to my dear friend’s work! This lovely walk through the world and the thoughts of the main character of the new blog, “My House at the Sea”, is one of my favorites……… Continue reading We Were Out Walking — My House at the Sea

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Cyranny’s Jukebox…

Remember Gone in sixty seconds? I, for one, really enjoyed the year 2000 blockbuster! I was a big fan of Nicolas Cage, my father had passed on an interest for fine cars, and the soundtrack was good from first to the last song! This afternoon, the movie was playing on tv, and I hesitated on watching…… Continue reading Cyranny’s Jukebox…

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Cadavre Exquis – the result!

  She had always hated Halloween. For some reason, all the death themed decorations spooked her. Plastic skeletons and fake spiders didn’t scare her, but she knew the build up of black, white and orange house ornating knickknacks was the countdown to the actual celebration… Celebration, what a word! She didn’t understand how people could…… Continue reading Cadavre Exquis – the result!

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All is fair – Notthedane56

  He stomped on my foot “OW!” I cried, while he just laughed So, I grabbed his nose, and twisted it! “Are you mad?” he yelled but kept his balance He grabbed my blouse with his teeth “Gotcha!” he retorted I kicked him where he lived Yes! Right there! “Hey you!” “That is not fair!”…… Continue reading All is fair – Notthedane56

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You can win too…

You probably all know about Jean de La Fontaine’s tale “The hare & the turtoise”… Today, I came across this video, that first made me smile…   It was just cute. And then, it reminded me of all the times I read on other blogs, writers that can’t beleive they could achieve their…… Continue reading You can win too…

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Fall Meet & Greet! Final Day! – A Kinder Way

Last evening to join the party, already! But it is not over, just yet! And there are many nice people to mingle with, and exchange links with! I’m bringing champagne to end up this weekend in style (yeah, I can afford very good cyber-champagne! lol) and I am sure there’s a lot left to nibble…… Continue reading Fall Meet & Greet! Final Day! – A Kinder Way

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How do I do this? — itsgoodtobecrazysometimes

I usually am the one asking for this kind of help! I am pretty sure one of you Lovelies will know how to solve the problem….  So I pass the question on to you! You wouldn’t let someone whose blog name is “itsgoodtobecrazysometimes” to actually go crazy, right??   Any expert wordpress users out there?…… Continue reading How do I do this? — itsgoodtobecrazysometimes