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Weekend Share at Trina’s!

Had a long tiring week?  Why don’t you kick off those shoes, and join Trina’s party?? Just bring a link to your blog, and your brightest smile, and join us to mingle for a moment!! Face it, there is not much in this world that is free… But the fun won’t cost you a dime,…… Continue reading Weekend Share at Trina’s!

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Come & Mingle at Rachel’s!

Rachel invites us all to come and mingle “Meet & Greet” style on Sundays! And Sunday it is, so why don’t you drop by? I’ve said it before, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat myself… There is no better way to widden your blogging network than attending this kind of events. It is easy… It…… Continue reading Come & Mingle at Rachel’s!

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Last call!

  Ok… The clock is ticking, Lovelies! A little more than 48h to submit your idea of a flag. That’s not much time to design a banner to represent all of us who, from time to time, feel like they’re missing a screw or two (or ten) and feel good about it! I’ll be accepting…… Continue reading Last call!

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Mystery Blogger Award…

January 12th: I was nominated a second time for this award, and decided to add the questions (and answers) to my previous post… I would like to send my warmest thanks to Karen for the nomination on  What if we all cared. Karen spreads her kindness through her blogging, and shares daily about her life…… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award…

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Weekend Blog Share at Trina’s

Trina is back with her Weekend blog share weekly event! For those of you looking for easy, free exposure for your blog, it is the perfect way to mingle with other writers, and get extra readings! So what are you waiting for? Come and join us at Trina’s, to say ‘hi’ and drop your favorite…… Continue reading Weekend Blog Share at Trina’s

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Tell me, I’ll tell you…

  I’ve had a little problem, lately. I am sure I am not the only one! I follow a lot of you, and the list only gets longer as time passes by. I try to read as many of your posts as I can, and I know I am missing really good ones, due to…… Continue reading Tell me, I’ll tell you…

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Have a buck to spare ?

Many of you know Madame Suze… Her husband, George, got a shed to move his manly activities to. Leaving more quietness, for Suze to come up with new posts. Unfortunately, electric work has to be done in the said shed, and Suze decided to reach out for a little help. Now I know that for…… Continue reading Have a buck to spare ?