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I knew I was weird…

I am, weird. In many ways… Some that might come as a little endearing, and some not so much. A couple of months ago, I discovered I have been suffering from a cute little thing called misophonia. I just thought I was crazy, but it just seem my brain has a select sensitive sound syndrome.…… Continue reading I knew I was weird…

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Well, thank you for wiggling!

I just finished dancing, chéri and Freja are slowly regaining counsciousness after my loud come back home. I got a few minutes late on schedule, and rushed to the house to be able to jiggle my butt indoor (I didn’t want to risk being arrested by a confused policeman on the sidewalk). The thing is, I…… Continue reading Well, thank you for wiggling!

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Freedom of speech…

Here, in Québec, freedom of speech is something very important. There has been debates and trials, trying to establish the limits one should respect while expressing him/herself. Basically, on the face of the law, we can say, sing, write a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g we wish. No matter what… What I find highly interesting with that, is that by…… Continue reading Freedom of speech…

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Why do you blog?

A lot of people don’t understand blogging. I couldn’t blame them, just a little short under two years ago, I didn’t know either. All I had heard about blogging was from professional bloggers that did movie reviews, or wrote about traveling or cooking. To me, blogging was a job, and I had never considered it…… Continue reading Why do you blog?

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Where’s the crown, Suze?

Madame Suze promised us a version 2.0 of her tin foil crown, with jewels and all… And we’re waiting. No pressure, Suze, but I thought I could provide you with a little bit of inspiration!   Yeah, it’s the Danish Royal crown… What else?? 😉