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I knew it! (little cue for newer bloggers)

If you’ve been visiting The Cove for a while, you know I care more about my collection of flags than I ever will for my actual statistics and numbers. Which doesn’t mean I never check my views, likes and followings. Another thing I don’t do often, is being pretentious enough to give advice to other…… Continue reading I knew it! (little cue for newer bloggers)

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Lovely spring morning…

  Via today’s Daily Prompt: Shock   Lovely spring morning, awakened by the phone ring. There, in my sleepy ear a voice from the past. Evoking years back, memories folded and thoughtfully filed. Kept in albums tied with white ribbons… Your face, your smile, one only dance danced in the dark. Your love, never granted… Reserving…… Continue reading Lovely spring morning…

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I made it!

Yes! I made it!! I know it probably looks like overreacting, but one goal I have set for myself, as a blogger, is to keep up with people commenting in The Cove. I have not always been extra good at that, letting some brilliant notes go un-noticed because I really wanted to finish a post…… Continue reading I made it!

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Just a note to say that due to an unexpected tsunami of messages since yesterday night, I decided to do the right thing and spend the evening answering everybody’s note… (or so I hope. Wish me luck 😛 ) I should have done so this morning, when I woke up and had a couple of…… Continue reading Tsunami…

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It’s time to vote!

  No, I wasn’t joking with this Flag Contest. I am aware that I say a lot of silly things, and do a lot of goofy stuff in The Cove. I might even have lost all eventual credibility as a serious writer in the future, because of that. But blogging is about having fun (unless…… Continue reading It’s time to vote!