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What? – Reacting to the White House’s condolences…

Pinch yourself! No you’re not dreaming… I don’t usually discuss politics… I have my opinions, but I don’t follow the subject enough to engage in discussions and debates about this or that matter, I leave that to those who like to follow Provincial, National and International politics… I especially don’t know much about American politics.…… Continue reading What? – Reacting to the White House’s condolences…

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Around the World(press) Amazing Race… #TeamDonkey and #TeamElephant updates

  Jack has spent a great day in Enid, and is now on his way to Kentucky. And Mr Elephant is now in Tucson!!  If you want to follow the whereabouts of our little friends, visit the official Race’s page:

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Meet Jack, from #TeamDonkey!

So the donkey was extremely excited to see Enid in all its glory this morning. He wouldn’t even allow me to finish breakfast before braying about it was time “to hit the road Jack!”. It took a good ten minutes of explanation before he realized Suze and Jack are not synonymous! I suppose donkeys are… via…… Continue reading Meet Jack, from #TeamDonkey!

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Around the World(press) Amazing Race update: #TeamDonkey!

I was starting to worry I had been too cheap on stamps… Or that Critters had maybe decided to take on a journey of their own, but no! Little Donkey Buddy is now squatting at Madame Suze’s!!! Keep posted for further updates… And, of course, visit Suze for the whole post! Day one…a letter from…… Continue reading Around the World(press) Amazing Race update: #TeamDonkey!

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Snow…. Again.

  I might not win my Cold Challenge against Denmark this year, but I am planin on winning the Snow Challenge against OM and Friends!! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

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Picture Battle! Who’ll get more snow?

Montréal entered a Frost competition against Denmark last year. I really really wanted Vikingland to win… First, because I always want Denmark to be the best, but it also would have meant a not so dang cold winter here. Desværre (unfortunately), we won! Now, although he didn’t say so directly, OM, in Colorado’s name, is…… Continue reading Picture Battle! Who’ll get more snow?

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Nombril de semaine…

  Happy Wednesday, Lovelies! I have been skipping a few “Nombrils de semaine” lately, and I was missing it. Didn’t you miss my little navel on your Reader? lol Today, I decided to do something special…  Because one very very special blogger is having her very first “Meet and Greet” party, and to give her…… Continue reading Nombril de semaine…