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One Small Moment…

  In that one small moment when you touched my hand while I touched your heart noticing a slight tingle which caused a breeze causing my hummingbird wings flapping so gently to ready your tender sweet lips for a kiss

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World(press) Amazing race – Update for #TeamMonkey; Meet Moe!! Come and get up to date with the participation of the wonderful, the sweet and the unique Bag Lady  and her new friend, Moe the Monkey!!  Sorry for the little delay, I have been caught up in this thing others call “real life” 😉  

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Around the World(press) Amazing Race… #TeamDonkey and #TeamElephant updates

  Jack has spent a great day in Enid, and is now on his way to Kentucky. And Mr Elephant is now in Tucson!!  If you want to follow the whereabouts of our little friends, visit the official Race’s page:

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Meet Jack, from #TeamDonkey!

So the donkey was extremely excited to see Enid in all its glory this morning. He wouldn’t even allow me to finish breakfast before braying about it was time “to hit the road Jack!”. It took a good ten minutes of explanation before he realized Suze and Jack are not synonymous! I suppose donkeys are… via…… Continue reading Meet Jack, from #TeamDonkey!

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World(press) Amazing Race!

The official page for the updated Around the World(press) Amazing Race is ready. Visit it to stay aware of the whereabouts of each cute animals 🙂     The Around the Word(press) Amazing Race is on since January 5th. The idea came to me when I made those 9 little Critters with my bestfriend. Yes,…… Continue reading World(press) Amazing Race!

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Around the World(press) Amazing Race update: #TeamDonkey!

I was starting to worry I had been too cheap on stamps… Or that Critters had maybe decided to take on a journey of their own, but no! Little Donkey Buddy is now squatting at Madame Suze’s!!! Keep posted for further updates… And, of course, visit Suze for the whole post! Day one…a letter from…… Continue reading Around the World(press) Amazing Race update: #TeamDonkey!

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Wold(press) Amazing race update…#TeamGiraffe

  Yes, you’ve guessed right!  #TeamGiraffe has found a leader!!!  And I am excited to say that Lydia from Being Lydia will be the leader of this new player in the game…   So we have two Critters left for the taking! If you want to join in, #TeamTeddy & #TeamPiggy are still available!  …… Continue reading Wold(press) Amazing race update…#TeamGiraffe