World(press) Amazing Race!



The Around the Word(press) Amazing Race is on since January 5th. The idea came to me when I made those 9 little Critters with my bestfriend. Yes, we are both 38 years old, but doing a little craft is always a fun way to spend time, while talking about work, men and life in general…. hehehehe.

I thought it’d be a shame to put these little animals, made with love, and holding our most secret secrets, in a drawer, and forgetting them after all the time spent bringing them to life (almost).

So I created the race, honestly thinking it would fall flat, but at least I would have tried, right? I had underestimated my dear Lovelies, because the response was quick to come, and we now have 7 teams set!  Yeah, Teddy and Piggy have found a new home at my Little brother’s and his boyfriend’s homes. I think it is fine like that, leaving 7 Critters on the road, and  7 being a lucky number!

So…  First things first!

The rules;

For the team captains;

  • When you receive your team mascotte, take a picture of it, and make a post to announce its arrival in town (don’t forget to send me a message, I wouldn’t want to miss your post 😉 ) If you have time, and want to put the extra effort, take a few pictures around your home town, to let us know a little more about where you live!
  • Write the adress of your Around the World(press) Amazing Race post on your critter’s back.
  • If you wish so (would be a lot more fun) find another person to send your animal to, and in your note, invite the person to visit this post, and yours, to let us know that the traveling went well!


For the following critter hosts;

  • Visit both links written on the back of your new friend, and leave us a little message to confirm its arrival to your house.
  • If you’re also a blogger, post a picture of your Team Creature to let everybody you’re part of the chain! A few pictures of your temporary friend visiting your hometown would also be appreciated, to give us a better idea of where you live, but I understand that we only have so much free time…
  • If you wish so ( I sure hope you will) find another person to send the little Craft Pet to.


I will follow each team, and post maps to show how much distance the animals have travelled… I’ll also provide you with the links to the different bloggers hosting them!

Here we go!





Madame Suze is the Captain of #TeamDonkey. So Suziland is the new home of Donkey! And he’s got a name now too… Jack! It just fits him, wouldn’t you say?? Make sure to follow his adventures  🙂

January 21st: Jack arrived in Enid, Oklahoma

January 22nd: Jack’s first day out in Enid

January 23rd: Jack’s departure for Kentucky


And here’s the travelling Jack has done so far:


Some 2600 km to this day! Go Jack go!!





#TeamOwl has found his Captain host at Crazy Love Parents ! We’ll have to wait a little to know about Mr Owl’s whereabouts, since its host is visiting Latvia at the moment, but I’ll keep you posted as soon as she comes back home!

She is gone to get her latest adopted child, and I’d like to take a second to wish the whole family a lot of happiness!






The Bag Lady will be the Captain of #TeamMonkey! And she baptized our little green friend Moe… Moe… Moooooe! I love it, don’t you? So now Moe has officially started his travelling around, and here’s where to follow his whereabouts!

January 25th: Moe arrived in Cheyenne, Wyoming!

Cyranny’s Cove Amazing Race-Moe, from Team Monkey


And here’s Moe’s first map;


Rounding up at a nice 3000 km!!  Way to go, Moe!! Not the leader of the race this far, but then again, let’s hope it is just the beginning 😉






Nina, from The Happy Life 101 is the host of #TeamLion! Mr Lion is still on the road… Again, I’ll let you know as soon as Nina announces his arrival home  🙂






Felicia, from Nesie’s Place is welcoming Mr Elephant! #TeamElephant is hers to host, and I am very happy she joined the race!!!

January 23rd: Mr Elephant’s first day in Tucson, Arizona


Here’s Mr Elephant’s traveling, so far 🙂


A nice 4100 km in Mr Elephant’s back pocket! Making him the Race’s leader for the moment  🙂





Lisa is the Captain of #TeamFoxie! The orange Critter is on its way to meet her and become a part of  Autistsix. More news to come… Pretty soon, I hope 🙂





My dear Lydia, from Being Lydia was the last to join the race, and I am really excited to count her in! Mrs Giraffe was the last to leave Montréal, but let’s bet it will not be a handicap in its upcoming journey…


So the table is set… Visit often to see the changes Mr Donkey leads so far, but now, anything can happen!  May the best win, but there’ll be no loser!